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The Cultural heritage of kodava is unique and vibrant compared to other part of the country, from rituals and attire.

Kalipodh - Septemper

Kailpodh Festival Kailpold festival is celebrated during the end of the paddy sowing. Kail means weapon or armory and Pold means worship

There are just a few festivals that the people of Coorg observe with great dedication. Over the years, as more and more influence from Hinduism has become present in the lives of the people of Coorg, there as also been an incursion of the Hindu religion as well.

Here is a list of the main festivals and when the Coorg community celebrates them:

  • Ugadi – February
  • Shivarati – March
  • Kailpold – September
  • Kaveri Shankaramana – October
  • Puttari – November/December
The Shivaratri and the Ugadi festivals are both primarily of Hindu origin and do not require much of an introduction. However, all of the other festivals are unique in purpose and celebration.

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