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who we are

Who we are

Coorgs or Kodavas are distinguished from other Indian communities by their queer customs, traditions, beliefs, family structure, food and traditional attire. Because of their queer customs and traditions, so different then their neighbours, and physical attributes of many Coorgs, The traditional attire of the Coorg people is unlike any other in India. The men wear coats that hang down to their knees with sleeves that only come down as far as their elbows; a gold and scarlet sash; a gilted turban or a red and white checkered scarf, and a silver or gold sheathed ornate dagger.

Women of Coorg wear their saree in a unique way by tucking in the pleats in the back, typical Indians tuck the pleats in the front. Coorgs joined the Indian Army in hordes. Just a decade ago each family had at least one member serving in the Indian Armed Forces.

Even today hundreds of ex-servicemen reside in Coorg. General Cariappa, the first Chief of Indian Armed forces, of independent India, belonged to Coorg. Traditionally, at least one member of the family always joins the army.

General Cariappa
Culture: The Coorgs' customs are quite different from those of the other people of India. The people of Coorg are well known for their hospitality. A delicacy that is served at community feasts is pork, prepared in vinegar that has been made from wild berries.

The people of Coorg are quite fond of their weapons. They have a festival completely dedicated to weapons called Keil Podh. The harvest festival of PUTARI is celebrated with the firing of guns.

When a family is blessed with a son, a single gunshot is fired into the sky to welcome the little one. Likewise, when a Coorg passes away, two consecutive gunshots are fired into the sky to make the neighbours aware of the death.

Coorgs worship nature and they hold the river Cauvery in the highest regards. To them, the holy river is their mother. It is mentioned in the Puranas that the Coorgs were summoned by Lord Brahma when the River was going to take birth. All the Coorgs gathered at Talacauvery and took the first dip when the Goddess appeared and turned into the river. The people of Coorg are blessed by touching their elders' feet. A mother is held in the highest regard within the Coorg society. The mother is the first to bless the married couple. Unlike other Hindu societies, a Coorg widow may still participate in joyous occasions such as her Children's weddings. She is seen as the principal figure for conducting wedding ceremonies that are conducted traditionally by elders without the participation of a priest.

Coorg is the largest producer of Coffee in India. Pepper, Cardamom and oranges are grown extensively in this part. Coorg is one of the major places that get heavy rainfall in India. The yearly rainfall may exceed 160". In the dense jungle tract it reaches from 120" to 150". The bamboo district in the west from 60" to 100". Coorg, which is blessed with thick forest shelters Sandal wood, Rose wood and numerous variety of trees.

Coorg holds a Guinness record for the largest family sports tournament in the world. Every year the Kodava families play each other for the Family Cup and over 300 family teams participate in it. Some of the teams even include women players, who have the choice to play either for their husband or their father' team. All the participants aging from 6 to 60 are related by blood.

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